Zvučnici (set) 100W D163mm s odvojivim pokrovom, bijela

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Idealani za upotrebu na plovilima, zvučnici su vodootporni te otporni na koriziju.

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74576 Zvučnici (set) 100W D163mm s odvojivim pokrovom, bijela   82,30
Slika Kod Opis   Cijena (€)

Ideal for use in boats, the Two-way Speakers are waterproof and corrosion-resistant while they can be hosed down when the boat is being cleaned. Having non-magnetic design, they don’t disturb instruments or compasses and their ASA cover provides improved endurance in both sea and sun exposure.

They also feature waterproof and corrosion-resistant mica injection cone with TPU edge and corrosion-resistant silicone coated terminal wire. Can be mounted either horizontally or vertically. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Available in white colour. CE approved.

Technical Specifications:

-Impedance: 4 Ohm

-Sensitivity: 90 dB

-Frequency Response 60-18000 Hz

-Max Power 100W (per pair)

-RMS Power 80W (per pair)

Mounting Dimensions:

-Depth: 64mm, Hole diameter: 136mm

-Magnet: 350g (8oz + 4.3oz)

*Available in various colours upon request & sufficient quantities. 

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